Good News everyone,
Explore are currently doing a couple of great special offers on some of their tours!
Save an amazing £500 on a trip to Nepal and Bhutan, the only catch, you have to leave on the 26th of March. You could enjoy 11 days visiting ancient cities in these beautiful countries and possibly finding some spirituality on treks to buddhist monasterys.
Another great offer is £100 off all Explore!’s walking and trekking trips to Peru. You could walk the famous Inca Trail and put a big tick on your Bucket List next to Machu Picchu.
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Whatever you do, enjoy your travels!


Firstly, if you don’t follow the news, a plane crashed just after take-off at Kathmandu Airport killing all 19 passengers and all crew. My thoughts go out to all the family and friends of those killed.News story on the bbc:

I thought I’d write about it because I felt a bit spooky seeing as I flew on the same route in April and also the British people on the plane were with Explore, the tour company I went with.

This is obviously a tragic accident, but could it have happened anywhere? Possibly. Seems it was a bird strike, and most places have birds. But anyway, don’t let this put you off travelling to this amazing country. The pilots are amazing being able to land at Lukla Airport, a small airstrip stuck onto the side of the mountain.

Hello readers,

In case you don’t know, I went to Nepal recently. Now you do. I went on a trek to Everest Base Camp and 3 high passes, which meant trekking for about 19 days (give or take a day or two :P) and a few days in the capital, Kathmandu. I took a diary to record my thoughts as I went along. This blog will contain pretty much the contents of that diary. Possibly with a few pretty pictures and my thoughts now thrown in.

I was going to put this up a month after I wrote each entry, but alas, I missed that, and 2 months after. So here we are, 3 months after the first date in my nepal diary……