Friday 27th April 2012 – Gatwick Airport – England

So here I am “sitting in the terminal bar, wasting my spare change” as Jaya The Cat once said. I’m waiting for some Guinness to come.

And here it is!

Anyways, now fuel by Ireland’s finest export and a motivational AB phonecall I can tell you about the past few days.

The 23rd was our last day on trek, and a “Nepalese Flat” walk back to Lukla with the last stretch being very uphill for a while, but easy enough (back in the relatively thick air of 2800m, being acclimatised now to much higher). After we arrived at the teahouse, we sat about for a while then it was time for the obligatory tea and biscuits. Kwality biscuits this time.

Nepalese know the correct spelling!

Anyways, after this, it was time to tip our sherpa team, and our old, unwanted trekking gear got doled out between them. They deserved it, they were fantastic the whole trip!

The dream team! From L to R: Dawa, Phur, Dome, Kami, Santa, ????

Them plus the westerners.

After that we took Dome to get new shoes because his old ones were broken, and after he’d chosen, we took him to the World’s highest (probably?) Scottish Pub to celebrate, we even played pool,

The only proof that It was a Scottish Pub!

After this joy, it was back to the teahouse for our last supper of MEAT! (chicken sizzler, tasty stuff, which was preceeded by the famous Sherpa Stew, which the sherpas don’t eat, funnily). This was followed by rum punch, and eventually Bagpiper Whisky so it got mildly drunken. Good times.

The next morning I was up early so I went outside and stared at the mountains for a while and then had breakfast, after which it was time to go to the airport for our flight back to Kathmandu. After being given scarves by Phur’s uncle (who runs the teahouse we were staying at/ causing a drunken scene in) we wandered down to the airport and said goodbye to Dawa and Dome, and went throughsecurity to the highly modern departure loung with hot and cold running water in the toilets.

Could be worse, could be Paris Beauvais!

I forgot a point about the Scottish Pub actually, the second authenic point about it was that the toilet was almost an exact replica of “that” toilet out of trainspotting.

Anyways, time to board the flight and I got on the Staboard side, which is the good side for the flight back, and wow, they were right, the views were AMAZING. Luckily my camera was working and I made a wee video of the flight back.


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