Friday 27th April 2012 – 20:01 Train to Gourock – Scotland

Almost home 🙂

I’ll pick up where I left off. Getting back to Kathmandu was weird, seeing cars again and being back out of the clean mountain air, anyway, we survived another bus ride through the mad traffic and got to the hotel, where it was definitely shower time (since 9th April, it was the 24th when we got to Katmandu, so almost 2 weeks since my last shower). I’m sure the water was brown as it came off me. After that I had a relaxing morning and sat and watched TV and read, until lunchtime, when Mike, Eric, Helene, and Myself went for lunch, finding the Danish Embassy en route, after that, some more relaxing before heading to Thamel to hand back the hire gear and have a wander about before dinner. Following a tasty buffalo steak in K-Too Steakhouse, we went to a Shisha bar, which also happened to have Laphroaig, very good times! They had a wee band playing covers too who were alright, and we followed this by a walk back to the hotel.

The next day was mainly spent being tourists around Thamell but we did have lunch in the “Garden of Dreams” which is a European style garden with fish ponds and such which was left to dereliction in the 60s and restored and opened to the public around 2006 with the help of the Austrian Government. It was a nice wee sanctuary away from the madness of the rest of Kathmandu. After that and some more lessons in the “Kathmandu school of haggling”, all my gifts were bought and it was time to present Phur with his tip (including the “Nepalese Flat” tshirt I couldn’t not buy him) and go for our very last supper and included wild boar.

The next morning we were up bright and early (as usual) to catch our flight out of Nepal. Early in the morning seems to avoid most of the madness on Kathmandu’s roads (top tip right there) and after much queuing and 6 or 7 security checks, I was sat down in the plane ready to go to Delhi. The flight was uneventful but must have been a different route because the ground was a lot less flat underneath the plane this time (or maybe I had been sat on the wrong side for terrain on the way out).

On arrival in Delhi we got a bus to the terminal and then queued before heading through security and I went to the bar where some under-age drinking may have been done. There was a sign that said liquor should not be served to under 25s. Ah well, then it was time to board the flight back to Heathrow and it’s famous immigration queues, which were even long for “British” folk.

After saying goodbye to David and Mike I bought some Irn Bru and got the bus to Mr Hindshaw’s house, I somewhat overshot the bus stop but after a short trip in the Punto we were at his classy pad.

He lives next to some guy called Dave.

The next day was fairly unexciting, just watching TV and such, then a McD’s on the way to Gatwick and a long wait before catching the old sleazyjet flight to sunny Glasgow and then onwards to sitting on this here train.

Some beautifully ironic junk mail I came home to .

Even more beardy than usual




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