Sunday 22nd April 2012 – Monzo

Well, my writing technique* knows no bounds. Keeping you in suspense for a whole day! Anyways, I was going to talk about how it’s good to see the benefits to the local people  (ie. schools and hospitals etc.) of all the tourism that their mountains generate.

Onto today’s activities, after a leisurely outdoor breakfast, we went to Khumjung Monastery, where we didn’t even have to take our shoes off to go inside and could take pictures inside, including of the famous


Exciting stuff, the story goes that the villagers received it as a gift from the villagers of Thame and were so unimpressed that they kicked it around the streets for a while until giving it to the monastery.

After the monastery, it was time to leave Khumjung and head uphill to the Everest View Hotel, the highest hotel in the world, where I had a whisky, and we sat for a while on the terrace

and posed

taking in the view of, guess what, Everest. After the drinks were finished and we’d soaked in enough view we headed down past Syangboche airstrip (again) towards Namche, almost 2 weeks after we left the place, and returned to the same teahouse as we stayed at for our lunch and did some internetting and a wee bit of shopping. After that, it was time to head back the way we came which seems so long ago, but yet, not very long at all, weird.

Anyway, we stopped at the National Park post so David and I could get certificates of trekking, the rest weren’t so vain. We headed onwards and downwards, avoiding large trains of porters, Dyokyos, horses and tourists, until we reached the high bridge, after which the trail seemed to quieten down. After this it wasn’t too far until we reached Dawa’s family’s teahouse and stopped for a quick rest and tea there, which let Dawa see his kid before heading onwards to Monzo, only about half an hour away, where we stop for tonight before the final push for Lukla tomorrow.

*again, apologies.



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