Friday 20th April 2012 – Thame

Today was an easy walk, mostly downhill for around 3 hours.

We saw our first tree for 10 days!

It was a momentous occasion. The land down here seems much more green and fertile. I guess that’s because it’s a bit warmer, today was definitely a tshirt day. Also on our way along we saw a


We’re back to extreme luxury today after last night’s rather basic, but nice enough, teahouse. Here there’s a TV, and even flushing toilets, serious amounts of luxury. After lunch, and a wee bit of lazing about we walked up to the monastery, which was quite impressively built on a hillside, and impressive inside as usually seems to be the case.

It’s a week until I arrive home in Gourock, I miss home a bit, and especially Aileen. I hope she’s not missing me too much, I should be able to get online tomorrow, I’ve just realised it’s been a week since I texted from base camp, but even longer since I got a message from her. Anyway, not long now, if not tomorrow definitely in Namche the next day.

I’m still really enjoying being here though, it’s a really amazing place. Even though we’re away from the really big mountains now the mountains round here are still huge. Also the added bonus that it should be all easy days from now on.


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